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Hoof Hearted

3.9% ABV


A pale ale that consists of 3 different types of malt with a floral and fruity aroma profile that stems from a blend of U.S and N.Z hops.

This crisp, clean ale is certainly an all day drinker.


Taste Note: Fig, Orchard fruits, Blueberry and Elderberry


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Silly Cow.jpeg

Silly Cow

4.2% ABV


This is a smooth, blonde ale that is made with two types of malt.

We add hops from the U.K for bittering, followed by a blend of U.K and N.Z hops for aroma, giving this ale an earthy, stone fruit flavour with a spicy, peppery bitter finish.


Taste Note: Geranium, Tangerine and Apricot


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Badge - Mad Cow.jpg


4.5% ABV


This deep amber ale is made with 3 different malts. 

It focuses mainly on the malt flavours with just enough U.S hops to give a slight herbal aroma.

A smooth, refreshing beer with a long sweet finish.


Taste Note: Caramel tones, Papaya


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Av an Udder.jpeg

Av an Udder

ABV 4.8%


This ale is made with different kinds of malt and 3 different types of hops. The hops predominantly coming from the U.S with a slight N.Z addition that gives this ale a fruity and floral aroma with slight malty caramel tones.


Taste Note: Apricot, Bubblegum and Rose

Badge - Slaughterhouse.jpg


5% ABV


This golden I.P.A is made with two types of malt and a large amount of hops, that come from the U.K and Germany. These give this I.P.A floral and spicy aromas.

It's a strong golden ale with a refreshing bitter punch.


Taste Note: Citrus Marmalade and Sage


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